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Are You Upgrading Your Organization In 2011? Carpe-diem!

In more than 25 years in the search business, I have never seen a year with this amount of confidential replacement of “C-Level” and Executive Management talent. In a typical year, approximately 10% – 15% of our officer level search assignments are performance-related, and the remainder fall into the categories of retirement, promotion, and relocation. In 2010, we have seen a monumental increase in talent being removed from a critical role to be replaced with superior skills. We ask why? And why now?

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Trend: Full Disclosure: Could It Fuel The Wheels Of Change?

I hesitated posting this: politics, religion and opinions about Mom’s apple pie are all topics to steer clear of! I am simply reporting actions and trends observed over the past several months. I hope you find them interesting.

For more than 25 years – my time in the energy business – “low profile” would be the only way to describe the oil industry. It never wants headlines, interviews, or exposeés (especially reported from 10k’s).

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