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To Clients

The Search Firm is committed to serve clients according to the following principles:

  • We will accept only those searches that match our capabilities and expertise
  • We will understand the nuances of your business and the position we are filling
  • We will advise you candidly about the viability of your search
  • We will carefully explain our Off Limits policy at the beginning of the search process
  • We will disclose all fees at the outset of the search in clear, concise language
  • We will assign a senior associate to handle your search, start to finish, and John Jansen will oversee and be intimately involved in your search
  • We will supply a detailed description of our search process
  • We will operate with close, open and honest communication including regular status reports
  • We will hold all privileged information in strict confidentiality
  • We will provide a slate of highly qualified candidates
  • We will operate with utmost speed and efficiency
  • We guarantee our work

To Candidates

The Search Firm makes the following promises to candidates:

  • We will painstakingly protect the confidentiality of your candidacy
  • We will provide in-depth information about the position, the compensation package and the job requirements
  • We will operate with close, open and honest communication throughout the entire search cycle
  • We will supply you with a detailed description of our interview process, start to finish
  • We will treat you with respect and professionalism at all times
  • We will not pressure you for decisions but will apprise you of client deadlines
  • We will honestly assess your qualifications for the position
  • We will periodically contact you in your new position to ensure your satisfaction and that of the client
  • We guarantee our work

To The Search Profession

The Search Firm is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and performance. We pledge to provide insight, knowledge and advice to clients and candidates alike throughout the search process. We will strive for accuracy and objectivity at all times and will diligently avoid conflicts of interest. We will operate according to the highest ethical standards and will assiduously protect the confidentiality of client and candidate information. Last but not least, we guarantee our work.