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Search Reinvented

It’s time to reinvent the executive search process. For too long it’s been plagued by huge surprise expenses, lack of communication, slow turnaround and excuses. The Search Firm changes all that. We’re a hands-on, tech-savvy, highly experienced, boutique search firm—and we deliver on our promises.

energy search experts


The Search Firm specializes in retained searches for C-level executives. For over 30 years, we have successfully placed elite talent in corporate board, officer and senior management positions at prestigious companies around the world.

hands-on senior partners


Founded by industry veteran, John Jansen, The Search Firm has taken a highly innovative approach to talent searches since its inception. Unlike the mega-firms with layers of management, The Search Firm is a boutique organization of just 10 seasoned professionals. These experts work one-on-one with clients throughout the entire search process. No rookies. No intermediaries. No underlings. We believe that direct communication between The Search Firm and your leadership team is critical to search success.

fast results


The Search Firm follows over 100,000+ of the best and brightest across several key industries every day. Using sophisticated web-based applications that comb the Internet for information, we update talent records in real time 24/7/365. What’s more, our proprietary enterprise software automatically surveys all candidates on an annual basis to verify their latest accomplishments, promotions and career aspirations. The result? You get immediate access to a vast pool of unsurpassed talent. Your search is conducted with utmost efficiency. Your position is filled in record time.

fee transparency


From the start, you’ll know exactly what our services cost. Our fees are clear, simple and flexible to meet the needs of clients. All expenses other than incidental items are pre-approved, and most of our searches incur no expenses whatsoever. At The Search Firm, we insist on full disclosure because our ultimate goal is not a larger fee, but a long-term relationship.


Successful retained search is never an accident. It requires close collaboration with clients, real insight into compensation trends and in the case of energy and alternative power (Wind, Solar, Bio-Fuels, Ocean, etc.) — an intimate understanding of the global talent pool. The Search Firm is committed to straightforward client communication. We are focused on finding the best and brightest that culturally fit our clients needs. And we constantly monitor C-level perks and packages to know what resonates with candidates. These are the secrets of successful search. Welcome to Search Reinvented.