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The Value of Quality Recruitment Partnerships


What I really want to emphasize are the truly great things a good recruitment partner can provide for you; your career, your personal or business value proposition, the agility of your business, your marketing strategy (yes!), your company’s public profile, your TIME and even stress levels.

(8) Values of a Quality Recruitment PARTNERSHIP:

For our Candidates & Clients

Notice how I’ve used the term ‘partnership’. This relationship is absolutely not just a one-way transaction in which your recruiter will bend over backwards to work for you without first asking for your commitment, and willingness to work with them.

1. Work with you to customize your resume & highlight your value.

Through in-depth interview preparation and asking the right questions we find out what really drives you so you can be interviewing for the right roles and be prepared once you’re there. (For our Candidates). Discuss current interviewing strategies and proposed value proposition as pitched to jobseekers. What makes you better than the other companies they are interviewing with? How will you ask the right questions to get the answers you need for your business? (For our Clients).

2. They find OPPORTUNITIES you wouldn’t have known about without a Recruiting Partner.

Your recruiting partner will know you, your skills and your drivers; they are speaking with their clients often and if they see a potential match you will be on their shortlist. These are often roles that are not posted and you’re likely to get VIP access. (For our Candidates) On the flip side, we speak with both active and passive jobseekers every day; it’s our JOB to get you the best, and most suitable talent for your business; not just the best of those who happen to be looking now; totally different pool…(For our Clients).

3. They represent your business in the broader market as if they were working on your team.

 It takes a little while to get ‘here’ but once your recruiter really knows you, has been out to meet with you, seen your team, the working environment, observed the culture and knows your ‘value proposition’ inside and out, they may as well be on the payroll. They will be representing your business (without occupying an office!) in the market every day, keeping an eye on good talent who could be an invaluable asset down the line.

4. They market your business to the broader professional community and generate a positive buzz around who you are and what you do.

How much money do companies spend on marketing initiatives each year? Some boutique sized companies really don’t have much set aside for this at all. Wouldn’t it be great to generate some positive ‘buzz’ around your company brand for free? Sure! Add this to the list; your rec partner will be singing your praises to individuals you may never even speak with, however your name and company brand is being represented and so the buzz is generated.

5. They map out a recruitment timeline and stick to it so you can stick to your deadlines.

Everyone is working to a deadline; we get it. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your recruiting partner plans to deliver an initial shortlist, when your first interviews, seconds and finals should be occurring? We find, if the recruitment process is managed like a project, it should occur on time (and budget!) if both partners are committed to the outcome! Less uncertainty – less stress!

6. They work with you to create an ‘active bench’ of resources for future reference.

 Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone always has an ‘eye on the market’ for you? Don’t forget; the moments when recruitment is far from your mind, your recruiting partner is relationship building, talent scouting and interviewing as their full time job; they are the SME’s on this playing field after all! They will always be thinking of you when they feel someone might be ‘right’ for your business and will keep a pool of resources in mind when it comes time for you to start thinking of recruitment again.

7. They create SHORT shortlists; TIME vs. MONEY equation!

How many times have you received long, arduous shortlists which have left you thinking, “why don’t I just recruit for myself, I’m doing all the hard work shortlisting anyhow!” A good partner will ask the right questions AHEAD of time to make sure the shortlists are indeed SHORT and enable you to spend your time doing other important business functions.

8. They respect YOU and value your partnership

This one often gets missed. If you have a good relationship with your recruiting partner chances are, they highly respect YOU and will do everything possible to ensure they are providing the best service and value to you; and will be very open to feedback if there are areas for improvement! (No one’s perfect; we want to know what works and what doesn’t!). Working wit your recruiting partner, rather than against them will only further strengthen this relationship. Ultimately, trust, transparency, and commitment to the partnership are the keys to reaping the BENEFITS and seeing the VALUE of this (often criticized and misjudged) industry! *The GOOD recruiting partners are out there…give us a chance! Note: This is an article I found on the Web.  I felt it could be enlightening for candidates, recruiters and clients.