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The Value of Quality Recruitment Partnerships

What I really want to emphasize are the truly great things a good recruitment partner can provide for you; your career, your personal or business value proposition, the agility of your business, your marketing strategy (yes!), your company’s public profile, your TIME and even stress levels. (8) Values of a Quality Recruitment PARTNERSHIP: For our […]

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State of Talent Pool: 2008-2011


I have been in the energy search business for two decades and have gone through many cycles. The most prevalent current attitude could be described as “pent up unhappiness.” This comes from several causes: most recently, the GOM Disaster, politics that create uncertainty, huge losses in pension values, and career options that appear to be shrinking. None of these are employer-driven, but there is a “guilty by association” mentality as the motivating force. In addition, many employee retention programs have been dropped, bonus plans have expired, salary increases have been smaller, and in some cases, postponed. Talent turnover in the energy business is at its lowest point in the last three years. This is primarily the result of employees who are responding to a climate of fear and are “hunkered down” (trying to protect what (little) I have left, doing whatever it takes to keep my job). But, times are about to change!

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California Cabernet


California Cabernet….it was the best of wines….it was the worst of wines….Sorry for that pun from the Tale of Two Cities, but I couldn’t resist! Many people feel very strongly about California Cabernet. Many feel it just comes down to a formula; it tastes the same 9 out of 10 years. Some say the weather […]

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Aging Workforce Strategy: 2010-2015. How are you replacing talent?


As the talent pool shrinks due to retirements, what is your plan? How will you survive in the short-term? How will you thrive in the long-term? Are you investigating all possible sources of talent, including utilizing interim talent, acquiring the best of your competitor’s talent, and the development of internal talent? Where are your shortfalls, gaps and critical discipline shortages?

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